My Post #15 – Why Do You Love Lifting Weights? – Online Question

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Posted In: Workout – 04/17/2019
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My Post #15 – Why Do You Love Lifting Weights? – Online Question

This is how I would answer the question Why Do You Love Lifting Weights? The shortest answer I can give to this question is “Results”! For my build, the best tools for the job are weights and nutritional habits. Please note that this is a community post and not an article.

I may be going way out on a limb here but I think evolution has led the average person to find healthy, early/mid 20 somethings, youthful traits attractive. By this I mean that most people are instinctively attracted to a stage in life when fertility is the highest, skin is soft and wrinkle free, energy is up, hair is thick, eyes are clear, muscle tone is up and body fat is down. I think this kind of instinct is hard wired into us and I think that our instinct for how we want to look and feel this way is hard wired as well. I get that there are a lot of reason to workout but I also think that generally speaking it is most people’s goal to look and feel better (younger).


For me, at forty one years old, the easiest and the most effective way to build an athletic body with muscle tone and low body fat is to build up as much muscle as possible, and eat in a way that burns off the extra fat. Personally, I don’t think I look like a bodybuilder at all. Without steroids I’m not sure I can get that really large artificial look. Without steroids I feel that I end up with an athletic, healthy look and by the way I feel great too!

If I don’t eat enough to support the muscle on my body I will shrink by losing muscle! Why do I need to a bunch of boring cardio to burn off that hard earned muscle? Muscle is the key to strength and the strong look and my diet is the key to the low body fat and athletic look. Are there health benefits for cardio? Of course! Can cardio assist with losing fat especially if there is a lot of fat to lose? Yes. However, I find it much easier to naturally lift weights and than manipulate my diet ever so slightly to build some muscle or burn some fat.

Again, for my build, the best tools for the job are weights and nutritional habits.

Wow!… now how do I explain this one clearly. If you win something, like a bet with a friend, a game, a gamble, a prize… do you feel great, excited, fired up, high!? Wouldn’t it be great to get that high every day? I get that big prize, over the top, crazy feeling almost every day from weights. Not only that, but I look forward to the high, I can’t wait for it and then once it is over I get a calm, relaxed, chilled out feeling where I forget about it until the next day.

My workouts are not never ending grueling tests of my will. I would have a tough time with that on a regular basis. I spend a lot of time in the gym listening to music, warming up, stretching, resting etc. However, when I have a “working set” which is a set I actually feel is going to count, I really go for it. That brief, intense focus and victory creates the high I keep talking about. The short burst, the adrenaline rush, a new goal reached, the intense focus brings me into a state of feeling high. I experiment with meditation as I forget to stick with it on a regular basis but I imagine my workouts feel similar to dialed in meditation. Of course medication is a more relaxed and calm practice but I would guess that the focus and clear mindset is similar.


The clarity, focus, high… the feeling of the workout just before, during and after the workout is a very amazing feeling that really has been a gift in life.

At this point these are more bonuses that could all use elaboration but they are also self explanatory. For me, lifting weights has an endless list of positive benefits and that is why I have done it for over 26 years straight and now I share my insight with others!

Why do I love lifting weights? Results, How Great I Feel Every Day and a whole bunch of other amazing reasons!… I feel like my workout now.

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