Things Have Been Busy – On The Way!

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Posted In: Welcome – 01/14/2019
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Things Have Been Busy – On The Way!

Things have been really busy here at 4FR. Limited man power almost makes it too much to handle.

We appreciate everyone following along and benefiting from the content being produced. There are sooo many ideas for articles and videos but a backlog in editing and publishing the existing information for the website and social media is an issue. However, this is good news for those of you waiting for new stuff because it is on the way!

There are so many helpful tips to pass on so if you have not already subscribed to our free newsletter please do so. Notice the option to subscribe in the footer of the site. If your looking for more tracking of your progress including free charting tools, then please register a free account and check it out!

We are still new but spreading the word the best we can. Anyone who can help us out is greatly appreciated. Take care!

When replying please be kind, respectful, positive, supportive and helpful! Community Policy. 🙂

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