My Post #9 – Less Work, More Progress Getting Lean

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Posted In: Workout – 02/07/2019
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My Post #9 – Less Work, More Progress Getting Lean

Please note that this is an unedited community post of my thoughts not a full blown article and video… that takes a lot of time by the way. Haha.

Over the years I have noticed people working really hard to make progress losing body fat and building muscle. I noticed that I didn’t seem to be working nearly as hard sweating and grudging and punishing themselves only to make less progress? Why?

It seemed to me that a lot of people were possibly missing a short cut to success. That shortcut for me was to clearly and efficiently build muscle and burn fat without combining and confusing too many things at the same time.

If I want to build muscle I don’t want to be out of breath and struggling to lift to my potential. I want to have some breaks, focus for short bursts, get out of the gym quickly and recover. If I want to burn fat I want to eat a few less calories so that my body loses weight yet keeps some muscle from the weights.

To me, this always seemed simplistic and the shortest path to success. Then I will see others really doing unusual and hard combinations of activities and then accepting that maybe a six pack is something they are never capable of having. I get that consistency in and out of the gym is another challenge but just the basic strategy can get so complex and yield such poor results.

Getting lean and fit does not have to be complicated and it does not even have to be overly time consuming. I have literally stayed in great shape with as little as three trips to the gym a week. Anyway, I appreciate having this space to casually dump thoughts out of my brain. Good luck to everyone on their Fitness Journey.

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