My Post #8 – My Biggest Fitness Mistakes

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Posted In: Workout – 01/21/2019
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My Post #8 – My Biggest Fitness Mistakes

Keep in mind that this is an off the cuff, community post not an edited article.

My biggest lesson in life are my mistakes! Hopefully others can learn from my mistakes as well. Remember that this is over the course of 26 years. Amazingly I have had very few injuries and no major injuries that have kept me from working out.


a) BAD POSTURE: Boy on boy this is a big one that a LOT of people can learn from. Years ago I started slouching at my desk getting more “comfortable” and the long term results were a disaster! Slowly, without realizing it I lost a lot of core strength, my shoulders slouched forward and my shoulders started to hurt. It got really bad and I was having to stop doing many of my favorite pressing exercises. I learned that my shoulder pain was due to bad posture. I have since made it a HUGE priority to fix that posture and balance my shoulders. Eventually I fixed my shoulders and I am very aware of my posture.

b) TOO FEW CALORIES: Several years back I decided to mentally count calories without logging them. I haven’t always counted calories and stayed very fit but this was different as I would counting mentally. Anyway, my target and estimations were way off, my deficit was too large and I dropped weight and energy fast. I lost a lot of muscle, felt weak, fatigue etc. It took me a few years to build back that precious muscle and now I am very aware of silly diet experiments that are not working out.

c) INTERMITTENT FASTING DAILY: There may be a place to do this periodically but last winter I jumped into intermittent fasting daily. I would stop eating after dinner and not eat again until 9:00 am the next day. What I found was that I stopped putting on muscle to help build my metabolism. It is my opinion that so many hours without protein was causing my body to break down existing muscles to feed freshly worked muscle. All winter I was spinning my wheels working out hard and failing to progress because I was going too long without protein. Luckily I figured it out and now I eat more regularly which is more enjoyable, I feel stronger and I am just as “beach body” lean. This winter I am feeling much, much more powerful and instinctively I can tell a big difference between the two eating habits.

d) RECORD ATTEMPTS: Recently I have been enjoying the gym way too much! I can not get enough of trying to break a previous record which is great but I have been getting carried away and not taking a few weeks off to let my body keep up to the demands. Week after week I have been pushing ultra heavy (for me) shoulder shrugs to the point that I felt a few pops and the weight dropped. I can still move my shoulder and I expect it to heal but it is a lesson that some rest from such extreme efforts is very important. I actually knew I was ready for a rest, meaning a few days off and a lighter weak to follow, and ironically, my last session resulted in an injury. Amazing! My body was telling me and I literally pushed it one day too far. I am really good at listening to my body but I now have this reminder to listen closer when the signs are there.

I have other lessons from the past decades but I will leave it at that for now. I hope this was helpful to anyone on a Fitness Journey at the beginning, intermediate or advanced stages. I’ve been at this for 26 years and I constantly experiment and learn!


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