My Post #6 Christmas!

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Posted In: Nutrition – 12/28/2018
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My Post #6 Christmas!

Christmas was great! It really is a time for family, relationships, reflection, love… I enjoy it.

What I also did was make some conscious eating decision. I was not super strict but I kept my eating habits reasonable and I didn’t not have any major eating days that would take a week two to work off.

One good thing about knowing how many calories I can eat to maintain weight allows me to have a lot of flexibility and splurge without many consequences. But even simpler than that is just making some mindful decisions instead of total reckless abandonment. Christmas is over and the New Year is coming. I’m still getting in y workouts because I really enjoy it. I hope you all get to do what you enjoy too.

Enjoy the holidays, be mindful of your health and Happy Holidays!

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