My Post #5 – What I Wish Everyone Knew About Fitness

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Posted In: Workout – 11/28/2018
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My Post #5 – What I Wish Everyone Knew About Fitness

Again these Community posts are less formal thoughts that are off the cuff, not edited and there is no video. I hope you find them interesting and helpful. This is not an official article post but rather my random thoughts.

I really wish I could explain a message about my passion (staying healthy) that most people really misunderstand. This is not easy to do as I don’t want it to be wordy or confusing but I will do my best.

When done right, a short, sweet workout is not a punishment, it does not crush me, it is not grueling, it is not intimidating and it is not something I dread. A workout done right is a treat! The natural “High” of a good workout is a pleasure, it is empowering, if charges me with adrenalin and other youthful hormones! I leave my workouts invigorated, excited and up beat.

I really truly wish I could reach those who feel like a workout is “work”; a hard thing that is punishing…. To be honest if my workout was an hour jog or some other cardio I would feel that way… personally. But short focused, bursts of energy followed by rests feel almost therapeutic and it is certainly pleasurable.

I have said this before but a workout to me is more about the “high”, getting the “charge”, and building my metabolism than it is about calories expended and doing more work. I think this a key difference between me and my approach to fitness that is different from conventional, work harder mentality.

I’ve implemented my strategy for well over two decades (26+ years) and I think my physical results speak for themselves. I really feel a certain type of training is one of the closest things to the “Fountain Of Youth” that we have. To get there I don’t think it is about punishment, I think a pleasurable path is more realistic. I feel blessed that I have get to enjoy such positive energy from the workouts themselves and then the results that follow. Hopefully this strikes a cord with someone out there.

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