My Post #3 – Burning Fat Tips – Listen To Your Body

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Posted In: Nutrition – 10/26/2018
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My Post #3 – Burning Fat Tips – Listen To Your Body

Again these are less formal thoughts that are off the cuff, not edited and no video. I hope you find them interesting and helpful. This is not an official article post.

I have been burning off some fat for a vacation that is coming up. As mentioned before I enjoy having long term goals that I work towards to keep me interested. In this case, after summer I tried to about five pounds of muscle which will always include some fat and then strip off a couple pounds of fat. The difference is not huge but at the end of the day I expect to have a pound or two of muscle.


After the holiday I will try to gain some strength and muscle as spring approaches and then again get lean out for summer. These small ups and downs keep me interested and lean all year round.

Anyway, I have been burning fat (been in a calorie deficit) for about 12 days straight and my body is telling me eat. I can tell that I am feeling run down. I feel like I need a rest to gain some energy like being sick is really close. I recognize this feeling and pumping up some calories, particularly carbs makes it go away for me.

Instead of pushing harder, harder, harder and expecting to get leaner and leaner, I listen to my body and give it what it needs. Doing this will make me feel better and help my body to recognize that food is around, I’m not starving and I can continue fat burning in a day or two.

One thing I don’t do is eat a huge amount of food but rather I have a small calorie surplus or even eat around my maintenance level instead of a deficit. If I eat too much I will have fat storage and then use up another five days trying to burn those extra calories off. It doesn’t take much but a little extra food will make me feel great! That is what I am doing today and possibly tomorrow.


When on vacation… well then…. time to EAT, RELAX & ENJOY!

Let me know your thoughts below. I would love to hear from you.

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