My Post #2 – Reply to Why I Don’t Count Calories

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Posted In: Nutrition – 10/18/2018
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My Post #2 – Reply to Why I Don’t Count Calories

Sean from wrote a good article titled Why I don’t Count Calories (And Neither Should You). It can be found here:

Sean makes some great points about the negatives of counting calories and the positives of not counting calories.


It is my opinion that the individual should do what works for them. Over the course of 26 years I have maintained single digit body fat percentage both counting and not counting calories.

I would like to very quickly address some of the challenges he wrote about counting calories such as complicated formulas.

1) BIG TIP: Keep it simple. Don’t shoot for perfection, just use rough numbers to get you in the ballpark on a consistent basis. If you’re consistently in the ballpark your way better off in the long term.

2) Use an online calculator to get an estimate of your average daily calorie burn over the course of a week. There is a free calculator on this site in the above menu under “TOOLS”

3) Workout as usual and eat the suggested calorie intake. Depending on your goal, adjust your calories up or down until you find out what you actually burn on a daily basis. This can be done in a month or less.

4) Don’t try to match your exact calorie consumption to your exact calories expenditure day, by day by day… to difficult. Again use averages and keep it in the ballpark.

5) Eat a calorie deficit to lose weight but lift weights to burn more fat instead of muscle.

There are other concerns that are not really a big deal when you break it down.

1) Take a picture of your food to save time. Enter it into an app later to save time.

2) No need to check multiple apps to see which one is more accurate. After a few weeks your body will tell you what is or isn’t working. What is more important is consistency.

3) I do eat whatever I want but I pay attention to your Macro Nutrient Consumption to help stay healthy and lean. To me, if you’re already counting calories, paying attention to what percentage is protein, fat or carbs is easy. Quality food is always a healthier choice than processed food.

A big benefit of counting calories is control. Total control to raise and lower your body fat and muscle mass at will is very empowering. Another benefit is feeling great because of the lean physique and energy you get from being so darn fit. Also, you do get to eat yummy food! I love to eat, I eat a lot and I stay fit year round, naturally.

But good post Sean and my biggest suggestion is for anyone wanting to be fit and lean is to do what works for you. If your still struggling you may want to check out “Start Here” on my site 4 Fitness Rules…. oh yeah that is this site. Haha. It’s free so check it out


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