My Post #17 – Do I Drink Alcohol, Eat Pizza, Eat Cake As A Fitness Guy? – Online Question

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Posted In: Nutrition – 05/14/2019
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My Post #17 – Do I Drink Alcohol, Eat Pizza, Eat Cake As A Fitness Guy? – Online Question

Do I drink Alcohol? Yes. Does Alcohol help me build muscle or burn fat or get me more healthy? No. Can I stay lean and keep a six pack and progress with my fitness goals even if I drink alcohol sometimes? Yes! Keep in mind that this is an off the cuff community post and not an edited article.

Life is short and in my mind life is worth enjoying Pizza and Cake and drinks my friends and family. I do not tell myself that I can not eat anything. I allow myself to have anything I feel like eating. Even when I’m dieting down to make the six pack jump out in the summer, I still enjoy life and have what I want to have.


However, I also think about how bad I want something. If I am not going to enjoy something enough to justify the cost, in terms of calories, then I pass. If I want something high calorie then I try to adjust my diet just a little bit to account for the extra intake.

After counting calories for a while a person gets a good sense of when they have eaten a lot or a little at a given point in the day. This is very helpful insight to make small adjustments to account for a “treat”. For example, if I had breakfast and a smaller than usual mid morning snack, or if I skipped my mid morning snack, I now feel much more flexibility to have a treat at lunch. Just knowing what I typically eat and adjusting for unusual treats helps keep everything in line with minimal effort.

The key is to be mindful of my eating decisions. Unfortunately there is some work that needs to be done. You can not get anything for nothing and a six pack is something many people want but just do not know how to make it happen. A very important part of getting and staying lean is simply being mindful of eating decisions.

Now I currently count calories because I love the flexibility and control it gives me. For decades I did not count calories at all and it is very possible to stay muscular and lean without counting calories. However, even counting calories for a short period of time really allows a person to understand:
> how much they eat
> what types of foods they are eating
> what is a high calorie choice
> what is a low calorie choice
> how balanced are their meals
> how many calories do they need to gain weight or lose weight… etc.

Counting calories adds an amazing level of control and freedom to build muscle, burn fat and enjoy food. At least that is my opinion. I seem to enjoy food more than most people I know and I don’t seem to have an issue building natural muscle and staying lean. Do I enjoy pizza and alcohol and cake and pasta?… you bet! Do I still have a six pack all year round? Yep. The key is to make mindful decisions and account for the treats to keep those goals on track. Oh yeah, and the 4 Fitness Rules are a must! Good luck you!


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