My Post #13 – How Do I Get Larger Muscle Without Large Veins? – Online Question

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Posted In: Workout – 03/28/2019
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My Post #13 – How Do I Get Larger Muscle Without Large Veins? – Online Question

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I saw this question asked online and I wanted to answer it here. How do I get larger muscles without large veins? The answer given online was basically, ‘you can not get larger muscles without getting large veins’. I thought this was a little misleading and not how I would answer the question. I think there are two things happening here.


First, the “vascular look” or veins will only show when body fat is low enough to display them. Most people are not at risk of accidentally getting unwanted massive muscles and protruding veins. This takes a lot of work building up muscle and stripping away fat.

Second, I have been lifting weights for decades and my body fat gets quite low as can be seen in many of my pictures and videos online. I do get some veins but never giant pipes of veins as I have seen in others? Why? One thing I have never done, even once is steroids. I have tried to get as muscular and strong as I possibly can naturally but I have never done steroids and it seems that those I know that have done steroids tend to have larger veins.

The guy with large veins, muscle but lose skin seems to be the result of a former steroid user who muscles no longer stretch the skin. I do not endorse steroid use but to each their own. There are often legal, health, moral and sports related consequences to consider but it is something I’ve just never done and don’t expect to do anytime soon.

Because my veins never do get crazy big with loose skin sagging around them, I actually like the little bit of vascularity that I get. I could be wrong but because I have always been natural I think my visible veins seem to be a little less extreme and my skin seems to stay tight to the muscle.

Good luck with your journey and keep in mind that it does not have to be overly complicated. Keep it simple and enjoy the journey.


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