My Post #11 – Workout Intimidation Factor, Getting Started & Over Complicating Things

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Posted In: Workout – 03/14/2019
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My Post #11 – Workout Intimidation Factor, Getting Started & Over Complicating Things

Note: This is a off the cuff post in the community and not an edited article.
Do you get intimidated by the idea of starting your fitness journey? I get it. I am listening to a podcast that is very motivational and at the same time I notice the intimidation factor of it. I’ve never stopped staying in shape and when I hear some “motivators” talk about their aggressive workouts and lifestyles, I wonder how some people are feeling, especially if they have a long way to go with their journey.

I could be wrong but I think the hardest part of a fitness journey is developing the healthy habits itself. Developing that positive momentum is hard to do. When I actually workout however, I don’t think it needs to be a “punishment” with buckets of sweat pouring from the body. I really don’t think it needs to be a grueling experience that is dreaded or at least so hard that getting started is dreaded. I have said this many times before but I really think some people work harder than they need to. I also think a lot of people over complicate things and those looking to get started feel intimidated and wonder where to even start.


So does it take hard work and discipline to get into shape? Yes of course. Does that hard work have to be relentless sweat, pain and suffering? I don’t think so. Of course I think the four fitness rules are the foundation for fitness. But I would like to zoom in and address the actual workout part. I protect my body and joints by warming up with high repetitions, stretching and slowly increasing weights. I get my heart racing in a major way but usually in very short, focused bursts that really challenges me but it not in a long drawn out process. I probably only do 10 to 12 minutes of actual working sets in a workout. Of course I am working out longer as I do warm up sets, rest between sets, stretch etc.

I find it easier to really focus my energy for a short period of time, get a lot of work done and then rest. Will I sweat? Yes. Does the focus challenge my mind? Yes. Is it a long grueling process? No. Do I have to eat sensibly and stay lean? Of course. Consistency and healthy habits are a must. Does it seem easier than what others I doing? I think so.

So the argument about overall health and fitness is brought up and I can only speak for myself here. I don’t find myself looking lean and ripped but struggling to be active from a cardiovascular perspective. My blood pressure is low, my resting heart rate is 57, I sleep great, I have energy, I am active with my young kids, I feel great… I just don’t see how this argument holds up. Again, I am speaking for myself but a workout with 10-12 minutes of actual working sets, nutrition and regular daily activity keeps me in shape.

Having said the above we are all different and if someone loves any physical activity then that is a big bonus and a path they should continue. I am certainly not against other forms of training or methods of staying fit. The best exercise is the one you enjoy and stick with. I think there are a lot of benefits to HIIT training and I think there is a lot of value in training hard like that. However, I do think that some people are not sure where to start their fitness journey and they sometimes feel intimidated and fear that getting fit must requires suffering. I really don’t think it does and I don’t feel like I suffer on a daily basis at all. Are hour long sweat fests cool? Yeah sure. Are they effective? Yes. It’s good stuff. Are they necessary? They haven’t been necessary for me over the past 26 years.

Getting fit does not mean suffering. Good luck with your fitness journey and enjoy it!


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