My Post #1 – Bigger Arms

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Posted In: Welcome – 10/15/2018
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My Post #1 – Bigger Arms


I have decided that the 4FR community could be a great place to share my personal updates more regularly, casually and in greater detail.


I was using Twitter and will continue to use Twitter but the space is limited for explanations there. In this community I can write more detail without having to prepare a formal article and video to post in the article section of this site.

This is my first personal post and I want to share my excitement over my recent changes! After 26 years I am finding that my arms are seeing new growth. I am only a few weeks into my tests BUT my arms are feeling more full, strong and looking leaner. I am crazy excited about this as a natural, long time fitness guy who has anything but easy progress ahead of me.

In fact, I have dropped a lot of my tests from the past few years and I am going back to the way I did things for years and years. My old, simpler ways of staying lean and strong are looking promising and I am pumped to see how it goes over the coming weeks and year! I was starting to think that I was just getting older as I didn’t feel as solid as I use to but now I think it comes down to my strategy that changed as I experimented with other ideas and diets.

I will be sure to post more and I am excited! If your new please join and say hi. I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you are reading this in the early days of the site I am certain you will reach me. Take care!



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