Community Policy


The 4FR Community is a positive, uplifting environment to share ideas about Health, Fitness topics like working out and nutrition. Please consider the following before posting:


a) Do be positive, supportive and uplifting of others. Everyone loves to hear positive feedback like congratulations, good job, keep it up etc.! Pump out the good karma and make the community wonderful for everyone to enjoy!

c) Do tell us about your experiences! Tell us some inspiring and helpful stories please! Be sure not to leave sensitive personal information.

b) Do ask questions and learn about how you can improve your health and fitness! We should never stop learning and we hope you get a lot of helpful information here.

d) Do help others! Not much feels better than helping others with kindness in your heart.

e) Do let us know if you spot inappropriate posts or images that you feel may or may not violate our policies. Your help is appreciated!


a) Do not consider Community posts to be reliable professional advice. Be careful, the source of the contributors and their knowledge of your situation is limited so please do not ever take comments as specific professional advice.

b) Do not be negative, hurtful, vulgar, aggressive or threatening. We are building an uplifting environment and this kind of post may be removed and repeat offenders may have their account deleted.

c) Do not promote other websites, products, services or social media accounts. Our community is not a place to discuss politics or money making opportunities. Our community is to help and support one another. This kind of post may be removed and repeat offenders may have their account deleted.

d) Do not leave fraudulent or misleading posts.

e) Do not post sensitive personal information. Be safe.

In the interest providing a positive experience for our user Violators of our Community Policy and/or Terms of our website may have their posts taken down and account deleted.

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to hearing from you!