Workout Intensely & Safely Introduction

Rule 2

Safe Intensity may be one of the most overlooked Fitness Rule for the those who struggle to hit their fitness goals.

Your Body Reacts

Often people forget that their body reacts and adapts to stimulus that is sufficient enough to require change. I can type at a computer desk all day long, do hundreds of thousands of keyboard strike repetitions but that does not mean that my fingers will swell with muscle, my metabolism will jump, my body fat will melt away and I’ll become Fit.

For individuals healthy enough to do so, learning to workout with “Intensity” and good, safe form is extremely important!


There are many ways to “add” intensity to a workout but when I simply think of “intensity” I think of “effort”. After fully warming up, a well performed set should be hard to perform.


How To Add Intensity To Exercises:
1) Add more weight – Commonly underestimated.
2) Slow the tempo down.
3) Much more that can be discussed in future articles.

Effort Is Everything

When you workout make it count. When exerting effort, focus and safely push! You can take breaks, get your breath and enjoy your workout but when you do a set for thirty seconds, make it count! There is a lot to cover here so keep learning!

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