Workout Consistently Introduction

Rule 1

Workout Consistently may be the most simplistic of the four rules but it is often overlooked.

Missing Ingredient

Some people will struggle to meet their fitness goals for a lifetime simply because they can not keep up the consistency of getting it done. Consistency is rule number one because a healthy lifestyle is not about a short term goal, it is about a long term way of living your life.

Frequency Not Volume

Over the years I have craved my workouts and wanted to go and when I have lost that momentum I have forced myself to go at least three days a week. Surprisingly I was still able to stay fit and strong with only three day a week workouts and good nutritional habits.


My Example

3 Days Per Week – 29 Years Old – Weights, No Cardio, Natural

Example 29 years old:
Fitness Example 29 Years Old | 2007


1) Set a weekly goal for getting in your workouts. Three should be a minimum, four is good and five is good too.

2) Hit your goal every week. If you miss workout one day, don’t panic, just make it up on a rest day.

3) If you have a bad week, don’t panic, just start a fresh week and try to have as few missed weeks as possible.

4) Use a program that will take into consideration how many days a week you are able to workout. We have a programs available on our site as well.

Solid workout weeks will result in solid workout years. Solid workout years will result in a solid, Fit and Healthy you.


There is more to learn about creating program that incorporates a good workout frequency as well as sufficient rest so don’t stop now! Now is a great time to learn more and be fit!

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