How To Track My Fitness Progress

We recognize that there are a lot of fitness goals such as fat loss, weight gain, athletic strength, more energy, flexibility, endurance etc. However, for most of us just trying to be more fit, body re-composition and feeling better seems to be a top priority.

Body recomposition

Body recomposition is the process of changing the shape of ones body by losing body fat and gaining muscle. It is probably safe to say that most people want to be a little leaner, lose a little or a lot of body fat, be a little more “toned” and feel great!

Scale Problems

One problem that I have noticed is that many people then get into physiological battles with their scale and they judge all of their progress on what their darn scale says. This can be a major problem for a few reasons:
1) This can encourage starvation, extreme weight loss eating deprivation that results in rebound eating and quitting.
2) Because muscle weighs more than fat, some people may feel discouraged and quit when they are actually making progress.
3) The scale can become an enemy and hold an unhealthy power over some peoples emotions.


Fat Loss Not Weight Loss

Don’t starve yourself to lose weight in the form of body fat and muscle. Instead of losing “body weight”, most of us want to lose “body fat” and build muscle to direct calories towards a stronger, healthier version of you.

How I Track

So how do I track my progress? I regularly note:
1) Am I getting stronger, feeling more powerful and alert or weaker?
2) How do my clothes fit as my body changes and what do I see in the mirror?
Free Online Tracking Tool

Someone wanting to lose a fair amount of body fat, may start to notice that their pants or shirts are a little less snug around the waist or upper thighs etc.

A fairly lean male may notice his shirts are less snug at the waist but more snug around his chest or arms.

A fairly lean female may notice that her shirt and pants are less snug around the waist and thighs but her butt fills out more.


How You Feel

Generally speaking getting stronger and how you feel helps indicate that muscle is being added to your body. How your clothes fit and how you feel is a better indicator of your body fat change. In another article I will talk about daily weight fluctuations, water weight and other misleading problems with using a scale to track progress in the short term.

Track Your Progress

The bottom line is that I note how strong I am getting, how I feel, how my clothes fit and what I see in the mirror. This has helped me stay Fit, Lean and Strong at over 40 years old and for over 26 years! Good luck! Use our Free Online Progress Tracking Calculator here!

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