Enjoy The Journey & Rest Introduction

Rule 4

If you think of Fitness in terms of small changes towards a healthy lifestyle, you can focus less on frustrating short term results.

Big Picture Goals

Instead of:
I want to lose 15 lbs in the next two months.

Think in terms of:
FALL TIME: I want to feel more fit and lean by next summer.
SPRING TIME: I want to feel more fit and strong for my next spring vacation.


Short Term Actionable Goals

If you focus on short term Weekly Actionable Goals and Victories the Long Term, Fitness Goals are more likely to happen.

This week did I:
Workout Regularly?
Workout Consistently & Safely?
Eat Well & Recover?
Enjoy The Process & Rest?


If your able to answer yes to all of these questions you are well on track to achieve your goals. This should be a weekly checkin and a fundamental part of staying on track of your fitness goals.

The cumulation of small changes, with small results over a long period of time add up to a strong and healthy lifestyle.



Most healthy and fit people do not clench their knuckles and go without their favorite food so that they can indulge and eat as much as they want a few months later. A healthy and fit person uses balance and control to make smart, healthy decision, enjoy life and stay fit.

I Don’t Say No

I don’t punish myself by saying “no” to foods, I chose to say “no” based on how bad I want a given food versus how healthy it is for me.

Calories As An Expense

I constantly think of food in terms of a calorie expense. If I want to eat something bad enough I always have it. If the calories that will hold me back from my goals do not seem worth the pleasure of eating the food I pass. The key is that I do think in terms of want versus benefit and I chose, not force myself to say no.


To recover from exercise I rest and get lots of sleep. Balancing stress, nutrition, sleep and rest is a key part of being and staying fit.

Enjoy Life

We only live once and we need to enjoy life, enjoy food and enjoy feeling fit and strong. The balance needs to be found in a positive and healthy way! There is a lot to learn here so keep up the good work and start today!

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