Control Your Nutrition & Recovery Introduction

Rule 3

Proper Nutrition and Recovery from exercise is probably the most difficult part of getting fit for many people.

Don’t Deprive Yourself

Although it can seem insurmountable at times, healthy eating can can be enjoyable and pain free. Whatever you do, do not deprive yourself and suffer. More on this later.

Recover & Burn Fat

Why is our diet important? We are what we eat. Aside from many other important roles in our body such as our mood, immune function etc. good nutrition helps us:


1) recover from exercise
2) burn off extra calories also known as body fat.

Working out well causes stress to our bodies which forces us to adapt and become stronger when we rest and sleep. What we eat, along with rest and sleep determines if we will add more or lose body mass and recovery properly from those workouts.

Burn Fat:

If I eat a little less than my body needs on a daily basis then I will lose body mass. How much muscle I lose versus how much fat I lose will depend on the type of exercise I do, rest and the quality of the food I eat.

Gain Muscle:

If I eat a little more than my body needs I will add body mass. How much muscle I gain versus how much fat I gain primarily depends on the type of exercise I do, rest and the quality of the food I eat.

Body Composition Key

Nutrition and rest is absolutely key when it comes to body composition! The combination of building some muscle and losing some body fat is what I am and I think 99% of us are looking for! The few that do not want this goal may be misinformed about how muscle tissue benefits the fat loss process and overall healthy lifestyle.

There are two different strategies that I have used to control my nutrition:

1) Good habits and following good, solid 90/10 rules for good nutrition.
2) Counting calories with an app.


Like most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to both strategies. That will be discussed in future articles.

The keys points to remember are:

1) Your diet primarily determines fat loss.
2) Your diet, rest and sleep are the major factors when it comes to recovering from exercise.
3) You do not need to suffer to have a good diet as there are strategies to make the process empowering!
4) There is a lot more to learn and right now is a great time to start!

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