About Us

With a passion for Fitness for nearly three decades I have helped a lot of people understand common Fitness mistakes that keep others from reaching their goals. Often when working out I have wanted to help people who I felt could really improve their progress by years with just a few simple pointers.

My name is Michael and I’m a regular family guy, who has managed to find a way to fit a natural, healthy lifestyle into my day to day activities for the past 26+ years. I lead by example and I want to help others by sharing my personal tips, tricks and secrets!

This website is my opportunity to not only help a few people at the a local gym but instead help many people around the world!

To help illustrate the accumulation of knowledge that I have gained over the years, I would like to share the kinds of personal accomplishments that I am proud of and many people can appreciate, learn about and work towards.

Over the past 26+ years, as a regular, drug free family man, not a fitness model, not an athlete or gym employee, just a regular busy guy I have:

  • kept in beach body shape, year round, for 26 plus years.
  • kept in great shape with as little as 3 workouts per week and general healthy eating habits, not counting calories.
    Example 29 years old:
    Fitness Example 29 Years Old | 2007
  • kept in great shape with as many as 6 workouts per week.
    Example 40 years old:
    Fitness Example 40 Years Old | 2017
  • kept in great shape with healthy eating habits and general nutrition guidelines, not counting calories.
    Example 38 years old:
    Fitness Example 38 Years Old | 2016
  • kept in great shape by counting calories to chisel out a rock hard, natural physique.
    Example 41 years old:
    Fitness Example 41 Years Old | 2018
  • continually managed to feel as strong and in some ways stronger at 41 years old than 25 years old.
  • helped many people understand common fitness mistakes that hold them back from their goals.
  • never used performance enhancing drugs.
  • always allowed myself to eat the things I enjoy.
  • never made myself go hungry when I really wanted to eat more.
  • never had a fitness related injury that resulted in stopping my fitness progress.
  • never counted calories burned in the gym or slaved on cardio equipment to stay lean.
  • spend most of my workout resting for my next set, not suffering.
  • more...
  • been able to Incline Dumbbell Press 120 lb / arm x 7 reps at 40 years old and 173 lbs.
  • been able to Shoulder Shrug 475 lbs x 8 reps at 40 years old and 173 lbs
    (Updated 500 lbs x 6 reps at 41 years old).
  • been able to Seated Row over 310 lbs x 12 reps at 41 years old and 176 lbs.
    (Updated 330 lbs x 12 reps at 41 years old).
  • been able to Stiff Leg Deadlift 365 lbs x 7 reps at 41 years old and 176 lbs.

Over 26+ years I have also made a lot of mistakes and I want others to learn from these lessons too! I am an online fitness coach and this website is the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences in a way that regular people, male and female, can relate to.

Finally, as a long time enthusiast who has accumulated fitness knowledge for the past 26+ years I will now be able to share and inspire others around the world to find the gift of health, vitality and strength!

Let’s work together to change lives around the world! Wooo Hooo!